My name is Louisa Potapchik. I am a video artist and storyteller from London. I use moving images and sound as a way of visualising my endless fascination in natural phenomena that we constantly experience yet don’t fully understand. Much of my work is an introspective dialogue between poetic storytelling and 3D abstraction, which is a result of my own curiosity and the interrogation of scientific concepts and imagination. I mix ideas coming from science and metaphysics to inspire viewers touch their subconscious mind and reflect on their own life journey.

Since 2020, my videos have screened at international festivals, galleries and universities. My introspective art closely relates to themes of nature and subconscious mind.

I hold a BSc degree in Computational Geology from Imperial College London. Later I obtained a Design for Visual Communication certificate from UAL, and more recently successfully completed my Masters in Moving Image at Ravensbourne, London.

Please get introduced to my latest videos here.

I love to cooperate and exchange ideas with art curators, other artists and tech professionals. 
If you would like to contact me, please email me on:

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