How Should I Know ? (ArtSect Gallery, London)

30TH JUNE 2022
How Should I Know? is a curatorial project featuring five digital media artists who approach the uncanny in different ways through CGI. This project, curated by Lucrezia Di Canio, is an opportunity to investigate our potential numbness towards the uncanny and its role in the dismantling of different truths forming society and the digital realm. Oscar Cannon, Eduard Fadgyas, Louisa Potapchik, Mateo Monje and James Sibley address the instability of truth through the subversion of mundanity. They do so, not by contrasting absurdity and the everyday, but by making them coexist in the attempt to recontextualize this relationship within the digital realm.

This screening night hosted at ArtSect Gallery is a special event, as it will include the launch of a virtual exhibition, featuring all the artworks involved in the screening powered by Typeone Realities.

This special occasion is to be considered an exclusive preview of How Should I Know? which will be officially realised as a physical show in 2023.

A special thank you to ArtSect Gallery and Typeone Realities for their support.

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