The Elastic Mind (The South Gallery, Florida, USA)

30TH APRIL – 09 NOV 2023

The South Gallery, located on Broward College South Campus, is hosting an art exhibition entitled The Elastic Mind from Spring till Autumn 2023, conceived and curated by Kohl King. This exhibition will showcase digital and video artworks by artists from around the globe. ( Read more… )

The Elastic Mind refers to the psychological term which notes the ability to think non-linearly and be fluid to survive in times of rapid change and uncertainty. In other words, to “have the capacity to let go of comfortable ideas and become accustomed to ambiguity and contradiction, the capability to rise above conventional mindsets and reframe the questions we ask, the ability to abandon our ingrained assumptions and open ourselves to new paradigm, the propensity to rely on imagination as much as on logic and to generate and integrate a wide variety of ideas, and the willingness to experiment and be tolerant of failure.” (Mlodinow, 2018)

Concepted and curated by Kohl King based on the article “Elastic Thinking” by Leonard Mlodinow, PH.D


Located on Broward College South Campus, The South Gallery is an intimate non-profit space that hosts contemporary art exhibitions by national and local artists. It serves as an incubator for emerging talent and as a place where established creators continue to inspire. The South Gallery also provides a forum where ideas and views can be gained and exchanged through a wide variety of engaging artistic and cultural events benefitting students, faculty, as well as the larger South Florida community. Visit the South Gallery to learn, experience, and expand your creative spirit. Follow us on Instagram @bcsouthcampusart