Gate 42, 2023


Gate 42 questions the cyclical nature of life, in particular allowing oneself to end a cycle naturally and letting go of something when it’s over.

Each cycle we enter into builds on the lessons learned from the last. Before we can begin a new cycle, the former cycle must be brought to its natural end and conclusion. Otherwise what was left unfinished or incomplete will have to be revisited again, and we can feel stuck in unresolved patterns that can date back as far as our childhood. 

The inspiration for this project came from the research into Gate 42, known as the Gate of Growth in Human Design. This gate embodies an energy of maturation and completion, a drive to bring things to their fruition.

The narrative begins by an old gate, leading the viewer through an airport departures towards a futuristic “departure gate” number 42. The scene is full of solidified structures that signify the previous completed cycles.

As the energy takes off and moves upwards, it prompts parts of the nearby structures to collapse, because the process of letting go and completing a cycle is very intense. When the energy is freed, the new can be created.

When the cycle is completed, gate 42 solidifies, becoming one of the permanent structures of the departure hall. Anything that hasn’t run it’s due course or is not completed correctly within the cycle, now enters again through the old gate.

Concept, creative direction and implementation
Louisa Potapchik

Daughter (feat. Hecq) from Π​Ο​Λ​Ι​Σ by Subheim
Apokat​á​stasis I from The Hermit by Enmarta

Abyss from SOMA by Mikko Tarmia