Long-Term Memory, 2019


Inspired by various reports from neuroscience students about unknown brain patterns, I decided to look into research aimed at understanding a very deep interrelation between scientific and spiritual aspects of how our memory works. This video mainly deals with the fact that memory is actually stored outside of our physical brain. Long-Term Memory installation symbolises an advancement of understanding of internal human processes.

The virtual gallery has three parts: a cube, a DNA and moving images. The cube metaphorically depicts the physical, etheric and astral levels of human spirit. The transparency is indicative to the invisibility of etheric and astral planetary levels to our eyes. Yet they exist and are material in their own dimensions. A viewer observes glimpses of light and reflections, just like the other levels of reality, such as dreams or premonitions, can sometimes appear to us in deformed and unexpected ways. There is a clear interrelation between the inner and outer parts of the cube.

The DNA structure depicts a moment when an ion meets DNA. Here we observe a very elegant journey of ions into and within human brain, taking into account its influence on DNA and self-duplication on etheric and astral levels of human spirit. It perpetuates that enigmatic moment, beyond which only very few can see. The unknown patterns of the brain, recorded by students and researchers in neuroscience, could be the processes that happen on etheric and astral levels, and thus are unknown to physical devices and our visual organs – the eyes.

The large video wall is reflected in the ceiling, depicting the “floors” that exist in the planetary structure, that allows us to constantly grow into higher levels of consciousness.

Concept, creative direction and implementation
Louisa Potapchik

Crystal Waters – Purple Planet Music