Beyond My Control, 2020


This project is a semi-scientific poetry video that depicts a deeply involved moment of breaking old mental patterns of external control. The aim is to investigate how language and words define life, and entice the viewer to link to their own experience. The project is visualising a transitory moment between past and future, the only space in time where life and choice happen. The visual narrative takes viewers through mind landscapes metaphorically represented by a mirror, a train and trees. The lyrics were inspired by the latest scientific research  on the semantic, holographic and quantum nature of human genes.

The mirror represents our subconscious mind. The intuition, one of the languages of subconsciousness, reflects our own narrative back to us. Understanding what we really control puts us at the steering wheel of our own life.

The train represents a fraction of life in the moment, between what is and the new that one creates. A sense of journey is suggested by the movement of the train. The vehicle of life is made to move, with a clear destination, and reveals a perpetual state of possible choices. In some instances, a viewer can notice a backward train motion, depicting the influence of the past and repeating patterns, until a new choice is made.

Trees depict an experience of grounding ourselves to a physical reality.

A viewer can also notice the inexplicable, but deliberate, feeling of gateways to the same story, endowed with mythic significance, perhaps implying the potential for a new direction, suggesting the possibility for renewal. Deliberately dark atmosphere makes the viewer feel trapped within this contemplative state. Reduced light reveals meditative character of the scene. The title sets the tone to lead a spectator.

Lyrics, concept, creative direction and implementation
Louisa Potapchik

Himalaya by Lauge


Beyond My Control was awarded a prize for Group Collective 2021 – cosmogonies and quantum worlds section at INTRA MUNDI event.