Yes or Nothing, 2021


Yes or Nothing brings attention to the notions of rebirth, renewal, and the mystic nature of everyday reality. At the core of the narrative the mysterious ouija board and arrow as a metaphor of a storyteller, a listener, and irrational circumstances that bring stories to life. The project activates storytelling in a form of a mystical nourishment for the soul.

What stories are we telling ourselves about our future? Who or what exactly is hearing us? How is changing one’s own story brings changes to real life situations? Having lived in very close proximity to a big old cemetery not so far from Central London, I couldn’t help being haunted by my own thoughts about life stories of my “silent neighbours”. In this project a viewer is invited to become his/her own invitada or guest soul (inspired by the notion of La invitada from a book Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Est’s), who comes and sits as a listener to an empty chair during one’s own storytelling gathering. The video aims to bring attention to the very simple, possibly binary, basic underneath ways that the Universe is able to hear us (thus the title Yes or Nothing). Once we say yes to anything, forces and energies come together and manifest, often in irrational ways, bringing a sense of the mysterious to daily existence.

The narrative begins by a boat leaving the coast for good, and steering into the new future that one decides to have. Moving from old to new, in other words, from what one used to say yes to what one now chooses to have. Boat and sea suddenly become a canvas where the new told story becomes a reality. 

The ouija board and arrow act as a medium between two planes of existence, a compelling space between physical and mental phenomenon. A viewer can observe glimpses of a seemingly empty antique chair, where the “antique” invisible soul is sitting.

Colourful lines metaphorically represent what we actually say yes to, drawing a similarity with bits, or with 1 (rather than 0) in basic computer language.

Water is a metaphor for a listener. Water is both here and elsewhere. It is also symbolic for identity change. Water is an important aspect both in this physical reality and a different dimension. It represents a flexible, fluid conduit to another place. 

The boat is both material and also a form of imagistic vessel, carrying a life into unknown territory.

This project also deals with the idea of conscious transformation that we are all facing, aimed at reconnecting people and nature. Telling new stories today to improve our tomorrow. Exploring a new vision of the future.

Nothingness (Ambient) by Lauge